"My experience with Celerity on several major projects resulted in high quality workmanship; they always exceeded the stringent project specifications and client demands.  I recommend them to anyone seeking a professional telecommunications firm." – Peter J. Heverin, Consultant, Teranet Consulting Services


Fiber Optic Network Services

The roots of Celerity are firmly planted in the design and construction of fiber optic infrastructure. Celerity has designed and built countless miles of fiber optic infrastructure for fiber optic carriers, utility companies, educational and governmental institutions. Celerity’s OSP engineers are seasoned telecommunications professionals that are adept at strand and conduit mapping; make ready assessments, pole application processing and permitting. Our construction crews have an impressive resume of aerial and underground builds that are a testament to our extensive equipment list and vast experience. 

From a splicing and testing perspective, there are no equals. Celerity is equipped with the most current splicing and testing gear available. Our purpose built fleet of fiber splicing vehicles are custom designed vehicles that range from smaller more adept splicing rigs to 4x4 bucket trucks equipped with environmentally controlled splicing labs to access more difficult splice locations. And when it comes to emergency response for a fiber optic failure, Celerity is second to none. As our name implies, we are fast and agile. We respond to emergencies in near routine fashion having restored countless networks with the deftness that has been gained through the innumerable amount of emergency responses that Celerity has completed in our history.

As a single source provider of OSP engineering, construction management; aerial and underground construction; splicing and testing services, we are fully capable of ensuring that every detail of your project will be completed with the greatest of celerity.

Wireless Network Services

Celerity’s founders come from a history of designing and building traditional macro type cell sites. However, from our inception, we truly believed that the “next mile” telecommunications network would be a perfect hybrid of both fiber and wireless infrastructure. To that end, Celerity no longer builds tower sites but has evolved into a premier provider of next mile wireless networks.

Wireless carriers are challenged with addressing the three “C’s” which are coverage, capacity and criticality. While traditional cell sites will always be a part of the wireless landscape, today’s wireless networks are smaller and closer to the end user in order to assist in addressing the three C’s. Just like their larger sibling the cell tower and probably to an even more critical need, these smaller networks require a lifeline or wireline to the vast and bandwidth unlimited capabilities of fiber optic infrastructure. In many cases, a number of these smaller wireless sites are clustered together on a fiber optic network. In others, they are fiber fed in a similar way that a traditional cell site relies on fiber backhaul. The wireless portion of these networks is much closer to the ground and has been deployed on rooftops, telephone poles and even street lights.

This meshing of technologies has created a technical niche for which Celerity is uniquely poised. Celerity designs and builds fiber networks and possesses a depth of experience and knowledge in the construction of wireless networks. Celerity’s enviable equipment list and seasoned professionals are perfectly suited to the deployment of small cell and DAS networks. Celerity can design, permit, implement, test and maintain these next mile wireless networks with the same craftsmanship in technology that our traditional client base of fiber carriers has long been accustomed.