“Celerity really pays attention to the details—their proposals, job planning, execution and follow through are all about the details.” - Anthony D'Abruzzo, Project Manager, Level (3) Communications

What We've Done Tower Inventory

Tower Inventory

One particularly challenging project that Celerity undertook very early in our history involved Tower Inventory and Audits in the Northeastern US. Celerity was brought into the project midway through the job as 2 previous contractors had defaulted due to the extremely difficult nature of the job.  The project involved inventorying towers for a carrier to gather meticulously detailed information about each site from general compound conditions to tower type to antenna type, down tilt, azimuth, make, model, serial number, etc.

The Challenge
The already difficult project was further compounded by being delayed until the middle of the winter. Furthermore, most of the sites were located on ski resorts and other hard-to-reach locations.  Celerity was chosen for this project for its methodical process and innate understanding of how to thoroughly document the details of each site.

The Outcome
Through our well-known perseverance, each and every obstacle was overcome.  Celerity developed an electronic package as a vehicle for each site to be inventoried.  Linked to this package were digital photos, measurements, GPS coordinates, and a list of any maintenance repairs required to bring the site into compliance.  While the actual coordination and compilation of the massive amounts of data were readily overcome, it was the actual collection of the data that proved to be more difficult.  The inclement weather of the Northeast proved to be yet another obstacle to be surmounted.  Again, Celerity provided the solution implementing the use of 4x4’s, ATV’s, and even snowmobiles to counter the foul weather and meet the stringent deadline of the project.  In the end, Celerity overcame each difficulty to complete the project to its high standard of quality.