“I’ve known Celerity for about 10 years and have always been impressed with their enthusiasm in taking on technical challenges or difficult tasks.  They always persevere to overcome the difficulties that arise and see the work through to final completion.” – Josh Reynolds, Senior Manager, T-Mobile

How We Do It

Our Tagline:
Well Planned, Well Crafted, Well Done

From the very moment we discuss a project, we hone in and detail the scope of work and craft it into a proposal that becomes the contract. We spell out exactly the services we will provide so there are no surprises. Then the job is crafted and documented daily.  Built from an engineer's perspective, each job is chronicled through the eyes of a historian. At the end of every project, all documentation is handed to our customers in electronic and hard copy formats.

Craftsmanship In Technology

Technological craftsmanship is the art of working in evolving technologies with old world skill and superior expertise. Planning for the future while working in the present. Understanding a job thoroughly and documenting with meticulous care so the next person to touch the work can pick it up seamlessly. Craftsmanship in technology is our passion.

Philosophy of Excellence

Celerity’s operational philosophy is fairly simple and one of our favorite subjects to discuss. Our goal is to provide the highest level of service possible and we strive to exceed our customer’s expectations. Celerity’s hallmarks are professionalism and quality. We provide quality craftsmanship in designing and building the infrastructure for high tech communications. We are thorough, agile and responsive. In a day when speed is paramount, we are wired to the principle that a job worth doing is one worth doing well. Driven by new standards in a new time, born of customer needs, we strive for craftsmanship delivered at the speed of technology, which is Celerity—the origin of our name. We set standards: Standards in pre-job preparation. Standards in craftsmanship. Standards in documentation. And standards in customer satisfaction. 

Demand for connectivity and bandwidth continue to surge, creating a need for service providers to build new infrastructure and maintain existing systems to accommodate the growing requirements. Celerity’s services span the entirety of a project from front end engineering to well-built and well documented construction. We provide characterization for optimized performance, service & maintenance and emergency restoration services for both fiber optic and wireless infrastructures.

From engineering to construction and through to testing and maintenance, Celerity is known for taking the time to understand the scope of a project—its present purpose and its connection to the future—the next mile. It’s that ability to look beyond the imminent that puts us a cut above the competition.

Our documentation, from pre-job planning to close out package, equips our customers with the critical information needed to manage, test, analyze, maintain and plan the path forward and onto the next mile. We strive to eliminate waste and redundancy, always thinking one step ahead—to keep our customers ahead as well.


Celerity is comprised of highly skilled telecommunications technicians. We wholly believe in developing well rounded, technically capable team members who will go beyond the requirements of a task to provide the highest level of quality and service. Celerity has developed a singular homogenized workforce built to meet the challenges of next mile technologies. Technicians are cross-trained for fiber optic, wireless and hybrid applications. Our culture is one of expertise and excellence—with a high value on craftsmanship and thorough documentation. We incorporate the latest world-class telecommunications technologies with the tried and true old world craftsmanship and know-how that our experience affords. Our employees are the strength of our organization and consistently prove to be the metric by which our competitors are measured.

  • Well Planned Services

    Engineering and Project Management

    Engineering and Project Management

    Engineering is part of every job whether it is specified or not. Understanding the engineering plan of a project is critical to Celerity’s pre-job preparation. We offer project specific engineering services that transcend the traditional layout and design stage of our customers’ requirements. From hand drawn redlines, to full blown CAD drawings, to complete electronic database closeout packages, Celerity can handle the most stringent requirements.

    Engineering Services

    • Feasibility Studies
    • Make Ready Assessments
    • ROW Procurement
    • Pole Attachments
    • Strand Mapping
    • Conduit Mapping
    • RR Crossing
    • Highway Crossing
    • Permitting
    • Submerged Land Lease Agreements
    • Building Access Agreements
    • Auto CAD
    • Project Management
    • Proposal Specifications
    • Route Design and Detail
    • As-builts
    • Fiber Audits
    • Splice Assignments and Matrices
    • Inventory and Documentation Services
  • Well Built Construction

    Well Built Construction, Installation & Testing

    Craftsmanship is the foundation of our construction and installation services. No one fully appreciates the inherent beauty of a properly built network quite like the technicians who build it—that’s the heart of Celerity craftsmanship.

    Each project begins with a detailed description of the scope of the work. This serves two purposes: initially, it provides our customer with our understanding of the project in minute detail and secondly, it lays out our vision of how the project will be accomplished. This documentation, including budgets and timetables, becomes the project plan once it is approved.

    The quality construction of your network is only one piece of the entire puzzle. Testing and documentation are extremely important to its ongoing performance. It’s a proven fact: well-documented networks are well maintained networks that experience better performance and less down time.

    Installation Services

    • Aerial Construction
    • Underground Construction
    • Fiber Optic Splicing and Testing
    • Copper Splicing and Testing
    • Chromatic Dispersion & PMS Testing
    • Equipment Installations
    • Traditional Telephony
    • Structured Cabling
    • DC and Power Solutions
    • Project Documentation & Close Out
    • Distributed Antenna Systems
    • Small Cell Construction
    • Turnkey Fiber Backhaul Design & Construction
    • Fiber Optic Splicing and Testing
    • Sweep Testing
    • PIM Testing
    • Chromatic Dispersion and PMD Testing
    • Equipment Installations
    • DC and Power Solutions
    • Project Management
    • Project Documentation & Close Out
  • Well Done Service & Maintenance

    Well Done Service & Maintenance

    We believe maintenance dollars are just as important as capital dollars. Maintaining and continually servicing your network keeps it reliable.  Yet, even on the most stringent of maintenance schedules, fiber and wireless networks will incur damages and outages.  Through years of experience and the wisdom that comes from them, Celerity’s process for emergency response is similar to an intricate, well-oiled piece of precision machinery.  Planning and precision are fully supported by numerous specialty vehicles and ample equipment to arm our technicians with the tools they need to overcome nearly any situation.

    Planning and equipment alone wouldn’t depict the complete picture-- it's the additional sacrifices of our Celerity family.  Celerity’s technicians are likened to first responders taking pride in knowing the importance and need for promptness in responding to an emergency network failure.  If telecommunications are shut down due to a wireless or fiber optic infrastructure failure, Celerity’s first responders and their families make the sacrifice in order to restore the network.  Whether it’s leaving the house on Christmas morning with toddlers ready to open presents, a missed romantic anniversary dinner with a spouse or an all night repair that leaves you too tired to enjoy your own birthday cake, Celerity’s technicians have made that sacrifice plus countless others. And they will continue to make those sacrifices.  It’s who we are and what we do.  When we say we are the best, it comes from the pride of having made these sacrifices. Each and every one of us has the success story to back it up.  If you want to know what sets us apart from the competition, ask one of our technicians to share his or her success story.  

    Maintenance Services

    • Preventative Maintenance Programs
    • 24x7x365 Emergency Response
    • Network Documentation Audits
    • Network Database Management
    • Technical Advisory and Reporting