“I’ve known Celerity for about 10 years and have always been impressed with their enthusiasm in taking on technical challenges or difficult tasks.  They always persevere to overcome the difficulties that arise and see the work through to final completion.” – Josh Reynolds, Senior Manager, T-Mobile

What We've Done Equipment Installations

Equipment Installations

One recent project that Celerity completed involved the turn up of SONET equipment at approximately 125 cellular sites.  Celerity was selected for this project for our ability to match manpower and equipment to the expedited work schedule.  While Celerity did not have the least expensive solution, Celerity exhibited the unique ability to receive and catalog components, store and pre-configure the components, and ultimately install the components on site.  Each phase of the project required detail-oriented documentation so that the rapid build-out could be easily managed and maintained following the conclusion of the project.

The Challenge
This project also required the ability to quickly adapt to massive swells and lulls in the amount of sites that were available for installation at any one time.  Through the course of the project, several hurdles needed to be overcome.  The initial timing of the project had the installation beginning in early spring.  The project kick off date was delayed until the end of the year, creating obstacles to be overcome not only in weather, but the general implications that year-end holidays have on business, such as travel issues, shipping schedules and increased vacation time.

The Outcome
The majority of the scheduling issues were easily solved by working with the customer to establish clear and reasonable expectations, as well as providing them with a meticulously detailed plan.  Celerity was able to properly predict and proactively plan for the swelling and receding demands of the project.  The other major obstacle was inclement weather.  Due to the sensitive nature of the equipment being installed, Celerity created and implemented a “foul weather” installation scheme, with every installation vehicle equipped to create a microenvironment where the equipment could be safely installed, tested, and turned up.  Further complementing the microenvironments were several four-wheel drive vehicles that provided access to remote sites that were inaccessible due to snow or mud.  This project finished on time because Celerity was able to predict and plan around the obstacles and, most importantly, meet the demands of the project without sacrificing its hallmark of quality.