"Celerity has always offered a great value by being proactive in understanding all facets of a fiber project for the customer. I know they will stand behind their work, not only as a company, but as professional individuals that are respected and known throughout the industry.”  - Michael Starner, Comcast Business



COSTARS is the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's cooperative purchasing program that prequalifies suppliers for state driven funding. It serves as a conduit through which Celerity is able to conduct business with educational and governmental agencies associated with Pennsylvania’s Department of General Services.   




E-Verify allows Celerity to determine the eligibility of our employees to work in the United States.



First, Verify

FIRST, VERIFY provides an online information management tool that helps Celerity’s customers ensure that we meet their corporate compliance policies and record keeping requirements.



PA Wireless Association

Celerity’s active membership with the PA Wireless Association opens up the opportunity to cultivate relationships between the various members of the industry and the local communities they serve to help ensure the continued growth and development of our industry.




Celerity uses the Ariba Network to collaborate on transactions, strengthen our relationships, and discover new business opportunities.




Avetta allows Celerity to connect to the world’s leading organizations with qualified suppliers, contractors, and vendors.




ISN provides an online contractor management database which allows Celerity’s customers to view our internal and governmental record keeping, compliance requirements, health and safety, procurement, quality and regulatory information.




BICSI provides Celerity a technical point of industry reference for training and standards.



NY Wireless Association

Celerity’s active membership with the New York State Wireless Association provides an official forum for the cultivation of relationships and exchange of ideas between wireless telecommunications professionals, government officials and the public, and to create a platform for a unified voice among the wireless industry.



PA Telephone Association

Celerity’s Associate Membership with the Pennsylvania Telephone Association allows the opportunity to work with rural, local telephone companies and the legislative and regulatory issues they face.



NJ Wireless Association

The NJ Wireless Association is where Celerity and industry professionals turn to discuss and seek to resolve state and local issues and concerns.




Celerity’s membership with ABC provides networking opportunities with likeminded construction companies and a platform to discuss safety.